Workshops and Presentations

David J speak



The Nurturing Communities Project is equipped to teach and train others on a variety of topics dealing with Christian community.


For workshop and presentation topics, see the “Table of Contents” for The Intentional Christian Community Handbook:




Part I: The Yearning for Community in Context

1. Five Stories of Longing and a Call

2. The Landscape of Disintegrating Community and Our Longing for It

3. Contours of Resistance to Community


Part II: Is Intentional Community Your Calling?

4. Seeking the Community Where I Am Called

5. The Gospel Call to Discipleship in Community

6. Searching for Your Community: Visits, Internships, and Mentors

7. Novice Membership: Testing Your Call Against the Community’s Questions and Your Own


Part III: Before You Move In Together

            8. Dreaming the First Steps of a New Community

9. Transforming Conflict into Solidarity

            10. Commitment, Membership, and Mission

            11. Where Will You Put Down Roots?

            12. Racial Reconciliation—Listening, Submitting, and Collaborating

            13. Gender in Community—Conflict and Synergy


Part IV: The First Year of Community

            14. Decision-making, Leadership, and Paths to Unity

            15. Taking on Work Schedules and the Seduction of Careers

            16. Making Connections Among Communities

            17. Stop Going to Church and Become the Church


Part V: Growing Tasks for a Young Community

            18. Covenant-making in Story, Rule, and Liturgy of Commitment

            19. On Why Your Community Might Need an Onion

            20. Creation Care, Food Justice, and a Common Table

            21. The Economy of God and the Community of Goods

            22. A Spiritual Life for (and in Spite of) Community

            23. When People Leave


Part VI: A Mature Community Becomes Soil for God’s New Seeds

24. Healing the Hurts That Prevent Community

25. Developing Common Work and Ministries

26. Sustaining Prophetic Vocations and Families in Community

27. Becoming Accountable—Visitations and Community Associations

28. Birthing and Nurturing New Communities from a Home Base

29. Exceptionally Gifted Persons and the Challenge of Submission


Conclusion: Embracing Renewal