This is the web archive for Shalom Connections, the quarterly newsletter of Shalom Mission Communities. These are in PDF format. There are four versions of each issue: a standard, single page layout (“1-up”), an imposed (pages arraged for printing in booklet form) layout (“2-up”), and a high- and low-resolution version of each of these. Below is the file naming convention for these formats.

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1-up, Lo Res

1-up, Hi Res

2-up, Lo Res

2-up, Hi Res

Spring 2000

196KB 1540KB 176KB 1522KB

Summer 2000

464KB 9482KB Not Available Not Available

Fall 2000

1057KB 6953KB 656KB 6920KB

Spring 2001

780KB 1266KB 336KB 1066KB

Summer 2001

1585KB 3642KB 652KB Not Available

Winter 2001

528KB 948KB 284KB 860KB

Spring 2002

947KB 2190KB 574KB 2409KB

Summer 2002

730KB 3532KB 720KB 3522KB

Fall 2002

923KB 3985KB 884KB 3946KB

Winter 2002

737KB 3100KB 697KB 3060KB

Spring 2003

628KB 2124KB 576KB 2076KB

Summer 2003

524KB 976KB 500KB 952KB

Fall 2003

616KB 2542KB 584KB 2554KB

Winter 2003

672KB 2294KB 540KB 2161KB

Spring 2004

648KB 1741KB 515KB 1608KB

Summer 2004

828KB 1937KB 1055KB 1809KB

Fall 2004

830KB 2947KB 896KB 2820KB

Winter 2004

864KB 3386KB 940KB 3260KB

Spring 2005

1049KB 1598KB 1040KB 2799KB

Summer 2005

746KB 4282KB 742KB 4272KB

Fall 2005

984KB 7802KB 980KB 7798KB

Winter 2005

1096KB 6111KB 1089KB 6106KB

Spring 2006

1179KB 9473KB 1175KB 9470KB

Summer 2006

787KB 2900KB 783KB 2896KB

Fall 2006

1484KB 6979KB 1478KB 6973KB

Spring 2007

900KB 6209KB 892KB 6204KB

Summer 2007

632KB 4139KB 624KB 4131KB

Fall 2007

512KB 6209KB 508KB 6204KB

Winter 2007

832KB 5652KB 828KB 5649KB

Spring 2008

552KB 4396KB 544KB 4393KB

Summer 2008

556KB 3975KB 552KB 3970KB

Fall 2008

441KB 3298KB 436KB 3291KB

Spring 2009

504KB 3527KB 486KB 3507KB

Summer 2009

563KB 3612KB 555KB 3603KB

Fall 2009

1758KB 22382KB 1751KB 22384KB

Winter 2009

522KB 3921KB 516KB 3915KB

Spring 2010

583KB 3601KB 575KB 3597KB

Summer 2010

1750KB 4590KB 1623KB 4329KB

Fall 2010

679KB 3350KB 672KB 3343KB

Winter 2010

574KB 3904KB 570KB 3901KB

Spring 2011

710KB 2721KB 702KB 2712KB

Summer 2011

1981KB 14040KB 1799KB 13114KB

Fall 2011

1071KB 10396KB 990KB 10023KB

Winter 2011

984KB 4085KB 878KB 3957KB

Spring 2012

1056KB 6321KB 1034KB 6311KB

Summer 2012

1101KB 8328KB 1064KB 8325KB

Fall 2012

951KB 8565KB 886KB 8410KB

Winter 2012

818KB 6528KB 799KB 6500KB

Spring 2013

1023KB 7276KB 1002KB 7271KB


Winter 2013

 1228KB Not Available Not Available Not Available
 Color Blk and Wht

Spring 2014

 2560KB  2560KB Not Available Not Available

Summer 2014

 9932KB 9728KB Not Available Not Available

Fall 2014

3MB 2.9MB Not Available Not Available

Winter 2014

 8.1MB  8MB Not Available  Not Available

Spring 2015

7MB 7MB Not Available Not Available

Summer 2015

 4.5MB 4.3MB Not Available  Not Available

Fall 2015

 2.9 MB 2.5MB Not Available Not Available

Winter 2015

4.1MB 3.8MB Not Available Not Available

Spring 2016

4.1MB 3.6MB  Not Available Not Available

Summer 2016

 27MB 4MB Not Available Not Available

Fall 2016

    1MB   2.2MB  Not Available  Not Available

Winter 2020

    3MB  Not Available Not Available Not Available

Spring 2020

    6MB  Not Available Not Available Not Available